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Korean Clock ~

Y'know, I would write something interesting but I simply have nothing to say. All that's going on is:

1) I'm on summer holidays.

2) Since I live in Scotland and the holidays are different, I'll be going back to school in the middle of August (T_T).

I'm bored so wth! :D

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Evening, all! Or should I say morning, it's already past midnight 0-0 First of all, I'm back from London! After the smoke, heat and congestion it's nice to be back in environmentally-friendly Edinburgh (lol). Honestly, it probably happens all the time but people have such a limited idea of what life in London's like. Yeah sure you've got the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and what-not and there's a completely different side to the city that most people don't get to see, especially in down-town London. When I uses to live there, I was so used to it that I didn't realise just how different it is to other parts of the UK.

And after 4 years, I finally went back! :D It was great going down memory lane. Also this might sound so random but I was beginning to forget how well black people dress >.< Seriously. In Edinburgh, since my family are one of the few here, we get away with just dressing normally and casually but since London is practically chuck-full [that's how you spell it right?] with Africans, we all felt so undressed, lol, so there's definitely competition fashion-wise. But wow, generally the change is drastic! So me and my family we there for like a week but we couldn't actually get much done: we went to Brighton for 3 days, went shopping most of the time and on the last night we saw the Lion King at the West End on Broadway. IT WAS FRICKIN' AWESOME fhqksndhjdmdlqixgek <3333 Seriously, the guy who played Simba was unbelievably hot and his eight pack was like 'dang!' IDEK 8D It was amazing though, it actually made me feel proud to be black, haha. xD

Anyhow, I'm in a bit of a dilemma. Okay, I'll explain from the beginning. When I lived in London, there was a church I used to go to and there was this guy. He's 3 months older than me so we were always in the same Sunday school group and we began to get really close. Also, conveniently enough, my older brother became really good friends with his older sister. And before I knew it, we had fallen for each other. I honestly didn't even see it at the time but I just knew that everytime I was around him, my heart would start pounding, everytime I saw I had a text from him my heart skipped a beat, I turned for his company more than anything and just being around him made me smile even more. Cute, right? Yeah, here's the tragic part. Just as something meaningful was about to happen, I moved to Scotland. But even that didn't stop us. We would constantly text each other everyday and one time he even told me he loved me, which made it even more tragic because I still couldn't see him ;-; even when I went to boarding school, we would text each other.

Then 2 years ago, he got a girlfriend. Though he still tested me it wasn't the same. Then I heard from his sister that he broke up with her. I know this sounds horrible but I still had (and have) feelings for him so I was pretty happy. Then last year, my brother went to London to visit some friends and he managed to meet up with the guy and his sister. According to my brother, he still really liked me, but I'm still a bit doubtful. I really wish I could have more faith in him D:

And so I was really happy to be going to London this summer because I really wanted to see him again, there's so much we need to talk about. It's weird that we've had a kinda 'thing' going on for like 5 years, but my feelings about him haven't changed one bit. I just need to know if he feels the same way but I wanna ask him in person :3 But my dilemma is, even if he feels the same way, how can we possibly have any sort of relationship when we live more than 500 miles apart? My mum said my brother needs to go down to London anyway to sort out his VISA application for his holiday to America next week so I can go back to London with him. Hopefully I can finally meet this guy after all this time. Y'know, sometimes I wonder what we would be like if I hadn't moved to Scotland... It makes me sad just thinking how things would have turned out. T_T

EDIT:  Well done to Super Junior for winning two mutizens~!!! Those boys are awesome. :D 
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こんばんは ~

Hey guys, how's everyone doing? Also, anyone doing anything interesting this summer? Hopefully, I'll be going to London! I haven't been back for four years so I'd love to meet up with everyone I know (including a certain special guy... *cough*  >.<)

Ooh, I haven't heard the new song on Suju's repackaged album yet and I need to update myself on various YG stuff...

*runs off to allkpop*

But before I do that:

I know I embed something in like every post but this song's awesome and the guy without sunglasses is cute! Heechul, well done for getting me into Supreme Team so   감사합니다 ~   ^_^

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Omg T.O.P. 8D *drools over laptop screen*

YG know how to get fans. xD

I know this is like the shortest update ever (shame on me >.<) but I REALLY nned to get some sleep. :3
Goodnight guys! :D</lj-embed>
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SNSD - Echo!


This song's really growing on me :3 :D
First time I heard it I thought it was really sugary but now I love it! <33
SoNyeoShiDae Fighting ~

Yas, TGIF!
Have a good weekend guys!

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안녕하세요 ~

여러분, 안녕하세요! How are you guys doing? It's been a while, right? Jeez, I'm terrible at keeping up with this... >.<

Ahh, okay where to start? First of all, I cannot stop listeniing to this song!!!

SUJU ARE MY ADDICTION adkplvn;/sibkfod;vhsiu;dbv <3 <3 <3

Anyhow... To be honest, nothing has been really happening in my life so far:

1)  My sister Lorna is abroad on a 6th year holiday in Spain so there's one less fangirl in the house T_T Then she'll be leaving to Dundee Uni to study law in September </3 I don't want her to leave! T^T

2) It's almopst summer and my family and I are trying to plan a holidday within the UK so I'm really hoping I can go to London to visit my friends, I haven't been back since I left 4 years ago :3 Also there's a certain guy I can't wait to see if we go (it's kinda complex, but we had a 'thing' <3) Fingers crossed! 8D

3) My brother Dave is taking a gap year but he's gonna be in New York for moost of the year ^_^

Woah so with Lorna and Dave out of school and my mum busy working the house will be so quiet O.O
But then again, alone-time = K-Pop spazzing sessions!!! Beginning to like the sound of this... >:D

Damn though, it IS gonna be weird without them. I mean we've always been together, no matter what, and considering how much crap this family's gone through and how close we've become, I gonna miss them. A lot.
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Super Junior at Dream Concert 2010 ~

~Super Junior @ Dream Concert:

Video links:

Super Junior Introduction @ Dream Concert 2010:

[100522] Dream Concert - MC (Gyaaah HEECHUL!):

Sapphire Blue Ocean by ELF @ Dream Concert (AMAZING!GO ELF!):

[Fancam]100522 Dream Concert - Ending #2:

[100522 HQ] Super Junior @ 2010 Dream Concert Ending:

Yesung's unusual high note in Sorry Sorry @ 2010 Dream Concert:

SM Town love @ 2010 Dream Concert Ending:

Dream Concert 2010 Ending #2 - Kyuhyun with Taemin (Aw so cute ah~):

ELFs PLAN @ Dream Concert 2010:

Photo of result from Teuki's Twitter: http://twitpic.com/1q2mgt
(So cool ELF are!)

~Twitter, Cyworld Updates (about the CONCERT!):

[100522] Shindong Twitter Update:
►Dream Concert ended!!!! I saw really clearly SJ in the audience!!^^
E.L.Fs you guys suffered a lot..^^
Many fans who filled the seats!! Hardships!! ㅋㅋ
Also, there’s a bonus. Find which family members of SM Town is in the picture^^ http://yfrog.com/4rpeiej
► I have arrived home^^ Sleep well Goodnight!!

Credits: twitter.com/ShindFriends
Re-uploaded by dDonika at sj-world.net

[100522] Leeteuk Twitter Update:
LEETEUK – MAY 22nd, 2010
► Dream’s feast..Dream concert!!! Thank you for giving us such happy memories^^
► Dream’s feast..Dream concert!!! Thank you for giving us such happy memories^^ It’s just you..!! You saw it right?^^ All of you in sapphire blue..^^http://twitpic.com/1q2kod*
► The time when once again Super Junior and E.L.F. showed our power..Everyone you are the best!! I love you.. E.L.F. from all over the world!!! http://twitpic.com/1q2l3x
► The time when we all could become one..^^ It’s all because SM Town is great!!! The gathering of all kinds of colours was really pretty^^.. Thank you to everyone who came out today!! You gave us great memories..http://twitpic.com/1q2mgt
► Thanks for the event!!^^ It rained so there were a lot of difficulties!! Since we were so touched, it seems we have to work harder^^ It’s not a dream but a reality, right?^^ As expected, it’s Dream concert!!!http://twitpic.com/1q2nbm
► Dream Concert~! my truly beloved Super Junior!Girls Generation!Shinee!f(x)!We had a good time.. I love our family♥ We are~~!!sm…t~~~~~own!!!http://twitpic.com/1q2pd8

*deleted tweet.

Original Source. @special1004
Translated by ♥ jubee ♥ at SJ-WORLD.NET

[100523] Yesung Cyworld Update:
2010.05.23 일 00:54

This Dream Concert was packed with ELFs again^^
Thank you thank you~~

Ori source: Yesung’s CY
Translated by LaCrymaMosa

[100522] Sungmin Update Twitpic w/ Siwon:

I heard that many blue angels came to Dream Concert!^^ELF are the best today!

@likmi_8 I watched your video~ Thank you^^ I felt once again like there are really a lot of people who are supporting us!Thank you..*

**This is a reply to an ELF, who had linked him to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKydSYnPJ0M
Original Source. @myblacksmile
Translated by GAIA & ♥ jubee ♥ at SJ-WORLD.NET

슈퍼주니어는 슈퍼주니어다 ~
SJ = SJ <3